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What is Contestee?

A contestee is someone who competes. The Contestee App is an interactive social media-like platform that provides a Global Stage for people to showcase their talents, attributes and skills to others around the world. With the tap of a button, participants can upload their videos, collect votes, and become famous globally.
Contestee App has the following components

How Contestee works

Some of the Contests

Contestee has many kinds of contests for a variety of talents, skills and other attributes. For example:

Why Contestee?

There are so many talented yet unknown people in the world. Maybe YOU are one of them. Often, they use the regular social media channels to attempt to build a fan base and get recognized. Yet, more often than not, they struggle to gain substantial exposure on such broad social platforms. This is where Contestee can help. Right now, you can compete for fun and to prove your talents to the whole world from wherever you are. Stand out from the crowd, get recognized and enjoy showcasing your talents on Contestee.

Our Goal

  • Talents : Creating a Global Stage for people around the world to be recognized quickly and easily

  • Voters : Providing a place for people to watch a variety of videos based on their interests, then vote to make a real impact!

  • Hosts: Producing a platform for celebrities to generate interest through hosting great contests

Our Mission

Discovering Global Talent through online competition

Our Vision

To become a Global Talent Manager

Our Contestants

After making it through the auditions, contestants can upload and share their videos.

Contest Hosts

Every Contest is hosted by its own popular influencer or company. Meet few of them below

Our Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are Contestee representative in different countries and locations. They are responsible for sharing and promoting Contestee to bring in new popular influencer within the area. Each ambassador should be familiar with traditions customs and culture of the locale they represent. Meet few of them below










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Competition Rules

Competitions are run on a daily bases leading to monthly & annual winners.

Daily Contests
  • The contestant who receives the most votes in their category will win that daily contest.
Monthly Contests
  • The person who wins the most daily contests for any particular category in each month also wins the monthly contest. In the case of a draw, whoever earned the most total votes wins.
Annual Contest
  • The winners of each of the 10 previous monthly contests for that year compete to decide the ultimate champion in each category.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of contests are in Contestee?

    There are different types of contests, which are all related to a variety of talents, skills and other attributes such as: – Who is the best piano player? – Who is the best dancer? – Who has made the funniest video?

  • When do Daily contests run?

    Daily contests run every 24 hours from 12 AM California time.

  • When do Monthly contests run?

    The monthly contest runs from 1st to the last day of each month.

  • What are the Annual contests?

    Annual contests are where the winners of each of the 10 previous monthly contests for that year compete to decide the ultimate champion in each category. Contests take place from the 1st November to the end of December every year.

  • How is the winner decided for each contest?

    The winner is decided based on who has received the most votes for that contest.

  • How many times can I vote each day?

    You can vote as many times as you want each day, under the following guidelines:   You can only vote once per contestant. You can vote in as many different contests as you want, but only for 3 contestants per contest.

  • What is the Grand Prize?

    The Grand Prize includes a cash prize or other prizes, which are provided by the contest sponsor(s).

  • How can I share contests and videos from Contestee?

    Every video will have a share button. Tap on the button to share the video through social media, instant messaging or email.

  • Can I start a contest of my own?

    Yes, you can. Please send a request inside the application, where it will be reviewed by the Contestee admin.

  • How do I become a voter?

    You will automatically become a voter when you sign up on the Contestee application or website.

  • What are the benefits of being a voter?

    As a voter you get to watch and enjoy videos from all kinds of category and on the other hand you get to vote for your favorite videos everyday and follow contests as they narrow down to the final months.

  • How can I vote?

    You can use voting tickets by clicking the vote button on each video.

  • Can I become a contestant or a host?

    Yes, you can enroll to become a host or contestant for any category you fit into. Just go to the contest that you want to join and press enroll button.

Voting Tickets
  • What are voting tickets?

    Voting tickets are what you use to vote for a contestant. Each day you log-in to the Contestee app you get 10 free tickets that you can use to vote for contestants. You can get more tickets by: Sharing with friends Watching ads Purchasing voting tickets

  • What kinds of Voting Ticket are there?

    There are three types of voting tickets, as follows: Regular tickets, which are worth 1 vote. These are earned by logging into Contestee or watching an ad inside the application, sharing on social media and are free. Gold tickets, which are worth 3 votes each and can be purchased. Platinum tickets, which are worth 5 votes These are awarded to people who log-in to Contestee for 30 consecutive days.

  • How long are my tickets valid for?

    All tickets expire at the end of each day (12AM California time-zone), except for Gold tickets.

  • What do I gain as a Contestant?

    As a contestant you get the chance to win contest prizes by competing and creating videos for hundreds to thousands of voters to watch, like, and vote on.

  • How do I become a contestant?

    Anyone with a Contestee account can apply to be a contestant by tapping on the enroll button inside the contest. You will need to submit an audition video that introduces you and your talents, skills or attributes. Click here to see the Contestant Registration Form

  • How can I leave a contest?

    Once you have enrolled you cannot un-enroll until the contest is finished.

  • What are the rules for contestants?

    The rules can be viewed under the Contestant Guidelines

  • How to enroll in a contest?

    You need to fill out the form by clickng on enroll button inside each contest and submit your request to adminstrator.

  • Can I participate in more than one contest?

    Yes. You can participate in as many categories as you want.

  • What prize do I get as a winner?

    It depends on the competition and sponsors. There are various prizes, including cash prizes or free gift that you can win.

  • What happens if I win?

    You will be notified by the competition administrator or host, who will issue your prize and certificate then you will receive your prize.

  • What happens if I dont win?

    Even if you don’t win, you can re-enter and try again as many times as you want, for any contest.

  • What do I gain as a Host?

    Alongside the monetary gain, the host of a contest is a position of high respect and esteem; Contestee gives your fans, and other aspiring talents, a chance to be seen by someone like you. Dozens of contestants and thousands of viewers will be eagerly waiting for your responses.

  • How do I become a Host?

    To become a Host, you need to apply through the Contestee App or website. The application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the result within 3 business days. Click here to see the Host Registration Form

  • What are the rules for Hosting?

    The rules can be viewed under the Host Guidlines

  • What does a Host do?

    Because their opinion matters so much to their contestants, at the end of every month the host must post a response for each of their top ranking candidates

  • Why are Host’s comments so significant?

    The celebrity host of a contest is a professional and an expert at their art. When the host of a contest awards a contest winner at the end of the month, their word carries great weight. The contestant gets to keep their hosts’ reviews in their bio and used in their own personal resumes.

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